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Butterflies 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

Butterflies 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

Nature’s most beautiful insects flit across the pages of this little jewel of a calendar for 2013. Each species is identified by both its common and taxonomic names. EAN: 9781619830028
Buy now: $7.99
Butterflies 2013 Wall Calendar

Butterflies 2013 Wall Calendar

Butterflies! Of all the insects in the world, these exquisite creatures most capture our imaginations. Butterflies display nature’s collaboration between beauty and function. Lovely yet strong, mysterious and dazzling. The 2013 Butterflies calendar celebrates the most beautiful of nature’s of
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Butterfly 2013 Wall Calendar

Butterfly 2013 Wall Calendar

Painted brilliantly by nature, butterflies are some of the most beautiful and fascinating insects. Explore the color and beauty of butterflies with up-close, glossy colored photos each month. This large calendar also features large squares in which to record birthdays, anniversaries and more. ISBN:
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Exquisite Creatures 2013 Wall Calendar

Exquisite Creatures 2013 Wall Calendar

Christopher Marley’s arrangements of jewel-like arthropods transform the creepiness of insects into stunning works of art. His arrangements are presented in their natural state; none of the images is digitally enhanced. The 12 gorgeous insect creations in this calendar—each accompanied by concise de
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Fantaisies Decoratives 2013 Easel Desk Calendar

Fantaisies Decoratives 2013 Easel Desk Calendar

The Fantaisies Decoratives are 48 lithographs published in 1886. The intricate patterns, featuring birds, animals, flowers, fish, insects, shellfish and frogs were designed for ceramics, textiles, wallpaper and jewelry. These exquisite designs were made by Jules Auguste Habert-Dys, France (1850 – 19
Buy now: $12.95
Farming Board Game

Farming Board Game

Harvest the fun from this classic family board game where players finagle to buy land, cattle, and equipment to harvest crops while dodging droughts, international market fluctuations, and crop-eating insects. 2 to 6 players, ages 8 to adult.
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Noah's Ark 1000 Piece Puzzle

Noah's Ark 1000 Piece Puzzle

Noah's Ark 1000 Piece Puzzle: Noah has finished construction on his ark, but now you must construct the puzzle! Birds, insects and animals prepare for their journey, two by two, in peace and harmony. No passports required. This 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle measures 24" x 30" when complete. For ages 13
Buy now: $14.99

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