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Arabians 2013 Wall Calendar

Arabians 2013 Wall Calendar

Fast and elegant, the Arabian is the world’s oldest purebred horse. These beautiful and refined creatures are unmatched in stamina. This incredible staying power and an uncanny ability to bond with people are the hallmarks of this fine breed. The first Arabian stallion arrived in the United States i
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Horses 2013 Wall Calendar

Horses 2013 Wall Calendar

The year 2013 unfolds with a gallery of stunning full-color images by Mark J. Barnett of some of the world's most popular horse breeds, accompanied by informative captions, in this handsome wall calendar. Each month, including the mini grids for September through December 2012, cites all the major h
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Paint Horse 2013 Wall Calendar

Paint Horse 2013 Wall Calendar

In 1519 the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes sailed to North America with horses that bred with Native American mustangs and laid the foundation for what is today the American Paint Horse breed. Experience the beauty of the American Paint Horse in this calendar. Photography by David R. Stoecklein.
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Paint Horses 2013 Wall Calendar

Paint Horses 2013 Wall Calendar

Known for their athleticism and fine dispositions, paint horses by breed requirement come in any combination of white and any other equine colors including black, bay and chestnut. These twelve full-color photographs ably demonstrate the paint horse personality. The large format wall calendar featur
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Pintos 2013 Wall Calendar

Pintos 2013 Wall Calendar

The Pinto is a horse that has a coat that has large patches of white with another color. The Pinto breed is considered a color breed, so horses that are Pinto can also be representatives of other horse breeds. A year full of wonderful Pinto-colored horses will accompany you through the year in this
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Quarter Horses 2013 Wall Calendar

Quarter Horses 2013 Wall Calendar

Quarter Horses were developed in 17th century Virginia, the first breed of horse to originate in the United States. Their name is derived from the straight quarter mile track they ran during America’s first foray into equestrian racing. A sprinter, the Quarter Horse has keen cow sense. It is as much
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