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Alchemy 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

Alchemy 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

East meets West in this 2013 calendar that celebrates the Chinese Year of the Dragon, a theme in which Alchemy Gothic is well skilled. UPC: 184709132016 EAN: 9781554842650
Buy now: $7.99
Alchemy 2013 Wall Calendar

Alchemy 2013 Wall Calendar

Fantasy gothic artists and alchemists since 1977, Alchemy's Fairies are a wonder to behold in this 16- month calendar for 2013. UPC: 184709139022 EAN: 9781554842285
Buy now: $13.99
Alchemy Gothic 2-Pack Playing Cards in Tin

Alchemy Gothic 2-Pack Playing Cards in Tin

Alchemy Gothic fantastical dragons, fairies and alchemists art are portrayed in this 2 deck set of playing cards. The cards feature 104 different images and come in a collector tin! UPC: 184709040304
Buy now: $12.99
Gothic Butterfly 1000 Piece Puzzle

Gothic Butterfly 1000 Piece Puzzle

This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle features a female dressed as a "gothic butterfly" illustrated by Anne Stokes. The puzzle measures 20" x 27" when complete and doubles as a poster that you can frame and hang on your wall. For ages 12+
Buy now: $17.99
Spiderwick 200 Piece Puzzle

Spiderwick 200 Piece Puzzle

You'll explore the eerie wonders of Arthur Spiderwick's study as you put together this 200-piece puzzle. It depicts the Gothic Victorian intricacies of the old Spiderwick Estate's secret study. There are plenty of cobwebs, test tubes, potions and mystery
Buy now: $7.99

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