2013 Blue Heeler Calendars

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Blue Heeler Caution Sign

Blue Heeler Caution Sign

This "Caution Area Patrolled by Blue Heeler" sign is a great way to let everyone know you have a Blue Heeler patrolling your property. These signs are screen printed on UV protected Styrene. These 11" x 11" signs are weather resistant and suitable for outdoors.
Buy now: $7.95
Blue Heeler Honor Bumper Sticker

Blue Heeler Honor Bumper Sticker

This "My Blue Heeler is Smarter than Your Honor Student" bumper sticker is a great way to show off your pride in how smart your favorite family member is. This humorous 3" x 11" vinyl sticker can be displayed anywhere.
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Blue Heeler Xing Sign

Blue Heeler Xing Sign

This popular novelty sign is made of durable sun and weather resistant polyethylene plastic. Hang in your window, on a fence or wall. Measures 12" x 12".
Buy now: $3.97
Blue Heelers 2013 Wall Calendar

Blue Heelers 2013 Wall Calendar

Blue Heeler is another name for the illustrious Australian Cattle Dog. Blue Heelers are strong, courageous, hard-working dogs bred to work cattle in the rough interior of their homeland, though they, of course, enjoy a wide following around the world, especially on ranches in the western United Stat
Buy now: $14.99

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