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365 Days of Black History 2013 Wall Calendar

365 Days of Black History 2013 Wall Calendar

This calendar, now in its 25th edition, honors the achievements of an outstanding group of black men and women, both celebrated and little known, who have made amazing inroads in their fields and significantly affected world culture. Includes aviator Bessie Coleman, North Pole explorer Matthew Henso
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Black History 2013 Wall Calendar

Black History 2013 Wall Calendar

This calendar features faces known and unknown in the African American culture. Individuals are noted for their significant contribution to furthering the African American culture as well as society through their inventions and breakthroughs. UPC: 796038224326 EAN: 9781615960613
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Broken Down Heroes 2013 Wall Calendar

Broken Down Heroes 2013 Wall Calendar

This 12 month black and white calendar is full of old and neglected—but not forgotten—vehicles found across the countryside. Also included are special dates in automotive history for the trivia buff. Supporting American jobs, this calendar is 100% Made in USA! UPC: 894651001055 EAN: 9781616589141
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