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French Bulldog Stone Carsters

French Bulldog Stone Carsters

Coasters for your car will make sure you never leave home without your favorite pet. These stone carsters come in a pack of two and absorb messy drips. Carsters are 2.5” in diameter and come with two indentions for easy removal from cup holders. Fits cup holders in most cars, vans, SUV's, and trucks
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Beagle Keychain

Beagle Keychain

Carry a miniature of your favorite breed wherever you go with a Love Your Breed Acrylic Keychain! These keychain pups feature a rhinestone studded collar and a lobster-claw clip. Use them for your keys or to accessorize your bags by clipping these to different loops and straps. UPC: 627660926015
Buy now: $7.99
Carnegie Hall Treasures Book

Carnegie Hall Treasures Book

More than 200 rare photographs and 30 removable facsimiles of collectible memorabilia. Carnegie Hall Treasures is the story of the world's most famous musical institution. Ten thematic chapters—from vocalists, conductors, and composers to rock and folk performers—offer a wealth of visuals of
Buy now: $24.99
MLB Elite 2013 Wall Calendar

MLB Elite 2013 Wall Calendar

With the 2013 Elite MBL Collection calendar there is no off season! This must-have calendar is fully loaded with high quality images of the league's best and most dominate athletes to play the game today. Admire these game-changers who continually perfect their craft, every month of the year. Player
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German Shepherds 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar

German Shepherds 2013 Slimline Wall Calendar

Also known as the Alsatian, the German Shepherd is a tenaciously loyal companion. Hunting, herding, guarding, guiding, playing Frisbee, playing fetch, whatever this intelligent and alert dog does, it does it with confidence. Those who admire these courageous canines will love this German Shepherds s
Buy now: $10.99
The Pug Handbook

The Pug Handbook

In spite of its rough appearance, the Pug is a very friendly dog, good with children, and easy to groom. In general, it's a fine companion for dog lovers. Titles in Barron's popular Pet Handbooks series instruct pet owners on health care, proper feeding and housing, and other facts important to owne
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Chocolate Lab Wind Chime

Chocolate Lab Wind Chime

This beautifully designed wind chime featuring a ceramic, double-sided Chocolate Lab portrait delivers a pleasant, soothing sound. UPC: 758606333328
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Harlequin Great Dane 3D Bookmark

Harlequin Great Dane 3D Bookmark

Encourage reading with these attractive and unique bookmarks. A 3D image of your favorite dog is on the front with a character description of the breed on the back. These bookmarks make great gifts for reades of all ages. Measures 6" by 2". UPC: 608938516770
Buy now: $3.95

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