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Basset Hound Honor Bumper Sticker

Basset Hound Honor Bumper Sticker

This "My Basset is Smarter than Your Honor Student" bumper sticker is a great way to show off your pride in how smart your favorite family member is. This humorous 3" x 11" vinyl sticker can be displayed anywhere.
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Quiet Country Days 2013 Wall Calendar

Quiet Country Days 2013 Wall Calendar

Comfortable as a backyard cookout, the paintings of Michael Humphries celebrate small-town sensibilities and simpler days. This calendar collection is beloved for placid neighborhood scenes in instantly familiar, relatable still-life studies. Like discovering a lost photo album, your customers will
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Players adopt puppies as they make their way around the board. Woof. Woof. Little kid game play includes barking the number of treats owed when landing on a space, “high pawing” other players, balancing treats on noses. This is a younger version of a property trading game where FUN is the rule and s
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LSU Tigers 2013 Desk Pad

LSU Tigers 2013 Desk Pad

The 2013 LSU Tigers Desk Pad Calendar is perfect for the fan that needs to keep dates and appointments close at hand while at their home or office desk. In addition to a stylish design that proudly features the colors and logo of the team, the calendar provides a large grid space with plenty of room
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Chinese Crested Keychain

Chinese Crested Keychain

Carry a miniature of your favorite breed wherever you go with a Love Your Breed Acrylic Keychain! These keychain pups feature a rhinestone studded collar and a lobster-claw clip. Use them for your keys or to accessorize your bags by clipping these to different loops and straps. UPC: 627660926053
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Dachshund Notecards

Dachshund Notecards

Any Dachshund fan would love these illustrated cards featuring a sweatered Dachshund. The boxed set of ten includes 10 notecards with a blank interior and 10 plain white envelopes. UPC
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Baby Boy Memory Album

Baby Boy Memory Album

This Baby Boy Memory Album is filled with all you need to document your baby's first year. Pages include spaces for photos along with fill-in-the-blank narratives all about baby such as "Your First Day", "My Family Tree", "The World Around You", "Your Favorites", and many more.
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Dogs 2013 Wall Calendar

Dogs 2013 Wall Calendar

This striking calendar, based on Abrams's bestselling book Dogs, celebrates the rich diversity of man's best friend. From the powerful Siberian husky to the pampered Yorkie, and from the Great Dane to the Chow Chow, photographer Tim Flach has delved deep into the heart of our enduring bond wi
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